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Exploring the Leading 6082 Aluminum Suppliers for Quality and Affordability

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Extruded Aluminum vs Standard Aluminum

Benefits of Using 6082 Aluminum in Various Industries:

6082 aluminum offers several advantages that make it a versatile choice in various industries:

High Strength:

6082-T6 aluminum offers high strength, ideal for aerospace and marine components needing structural integrity and load-bearing capability.

Corrosion Resistance:

This alloy provides good corrosion resistance, making it reliable for applications exposed to moisture and outdoor elements, including construction and infrastructure projects.


6082 aluminum is weldable, which is crucial for applications that require strong and reliable weld joints. This feature is beneficial in the automotive and fabrication industries.


The alloy’s reasonable formability allows it to be shaped into various configurations, enhancing its usability in manufacturing processes like bending, rolling, and extrusion.


While not the easiest aluminum alloy to machine, it is machinable with proper tools and techniques, making it a valuable choice for precision machining applications.


6082-T6 is suitable for a wide range of applications, including aerospace components, marine structures, automotive parts, and general engineering projects, highlighting its adaptability in various industries.

Aluminum 6082 vs 7075

Aluminum alloys 6082 and 7075 are both popular choices in various industries, but they have distinct differences. Here’s a comparison between these two aluminum alloys:

roperty/Aspect6082 Aluminum7075 Aluminum
CompositionAl: 95.7%, Si: 0.7%, Mg: 1.0%, Other trace elementsAl: 90.7%, Zn: 5.6%, Mg: 2.1%, Cu: 1.2%, Other trace elements
Tensile Strength (T6)HighVery high
Yield Strength (T6)GoodVery high
Corrosion ResistanceGood, suitable for outdoor useGood, may require coatings
WeldabilityWeldable with precautionsLess weldable, heat treatment needed after welding
MachinabilityReasonableLess machinable
ApplicationsAerospace, marine, automotive, general engineeringAerospace, military, high-stress applications
Aluminium 6082 vs 7075 Properties

6082 aluminum suppliers

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