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Aluminum Section Company

Aluminum extrusion one-stop service provider


Custom Aluminum Section Company in china

We Offer aluminum extrusion fabrication, Aluminium Extrusion die making, prototype aluminum extrusions, Aluminium profile cutting and machining

Aluminum Laser cut
Aluminum laser cuting

Aluminum exturded part bending
Aluminum profile Bending

6061 & 6063 specification

6061 T6 aluminum angle is the most commonly used aluminum for structural applications. It has above average corrosion resistance, good machinability, and is excellent for welding. 6061 aluminum angle is heat-treatable, resistant to stress cracking and non-magnetic.

6063 T5aluminium angle has sharp corners and is generally used where surface finish is more important than strength. 6063 Anodized Aluminum Angle offers very high corrosion resistance and high strength.

Alloy6061 (%)6063 (%)6063A (%)6082 (%)
Other (each)0.050.05 0.05 0.5
Other (total)

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Short run custom aluminum extrusions Parts Showroom
Alusat is Professional Aluminium Extrusion plant; provide solution to your Extruded product ideas. also support press die making, Parts extrusion, Parts CNC Machining and Surface Treatment.

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China Custom aluminum extrusions suppliers

Custom Profile Extrusion

We equipped with from 600~5000 tonnage different size Extrusion machine. Can make as big as 500mm width aluminum profile parts.


Working with our long-term contractor, we can provide customer bending service. especially for some complex bending.

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