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Custom aluminum extrusions suppliers

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Custom aluminum profile company

In modern society, aluminum is used in many products and industries because of its excellent density, good chemical and processing properties; aluminum extrusion are used various products; Such as Construction, Residential Architecture, Transportation, and Consumer & Electrical & Marine Products and so on. as a professional custom aluminum extrusions suppliers in china, we offered “one stop source” for extruded aluminum, fabrication and finishing needs.

What is Aluminum Advantage

Aluminum is a durable, ductile, light weight, malleable metal. Aluminum is nonmagnetic. Yield strength of pure aluminum is 7-11 MPa, aluminum alloys have yield strengths ranging from 200 MPa to 600 MPa. Aluminum offers excellent corrosion resistance due to a thin surface layer of aluminum oxide that forms when the aluminum is exposed to air, effectively preventing oxidation; Aluminum mineral resources are also abundant, easy to mine, and can be recycled. Based on these advantages, aluminum products are widely used in many products and process. for examples, auto-car, building and so on, those products can be fabricated by different process also, such as die casting, Permanent Mold Casting, Forging and casting, stamping,Aluminum stretching and so on.

Aluminum Fabrication Capability

Custom Aluminum Extrusion profile Fabricator

After decade years develop, we have 7 extrusion line from 650 to 5000 Tons. can handle various size and complex shape aluminium extrusion parts. see below our capability

Pressure Machine650 to 5000 tons
Maximum Extrusion Profile Diameterup to 14” in diameter
TolerancesAluminum Industry Standard
Precision Aluminum
TestingAluminum Tensile Strength Testing
Aluminum Hardness Testing
Aluminum Surface Finish Testing
Aluminum Alloys6000, 6063, 6060, 6061, 6005 Aluminum Alloy, etc
Aluminum Association TempersT3-T8
Extrusion Mold Building leadtime3 weeks
Aluminum Extrusion ProductsCustom Aluminum Profiles
Standard and Custom Aluminum Structural Shapes
Standard and Custom Aluminum Angles Shapes
Standard and Custom Aluminum Tubular Shapes
Standard and Custom Aluminum Rods
Standard and Custom Aluminum Bars
Extrusion FormsHollow Shapes
Semi-Hollow Shapes
Additional Services ProvidedDesign / Engineering
Aluminum Fabrication
Aluminum Finishing
Assembly/ Labeling/ Packaging
Aluminum CNC machining
Rotary Deburr, Vibratory Deburr
Surface treatment
Mill finish, Anodizing, Sand Blasting, Powder coating, PVDF, etc.
Secondary processingCutting, Drilling, Threading, Bending, etc.

Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturing Process

As a Custom Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer in china, we have fluent experience on aluminum extrusion process and manufacturing.How is the aluminum extrusion work? through this video you can understand the basic working process.

  1. Pillars Preheat
  2. Extrusion or Press
  3. Aluminium cutting
  4. CNC machining, Milling, Bending
  5. Surface finishing
  6. Inspection
  7. Pack


Except aluminum profile extrusion, we also offer additional capabilities to our customer, to save customer’s cost and reduce parts transform process.

Aluminum exturded part bending

Bending, Forming

We offer one-stop solution to our valued customer, not only for extrusion, also run post process for our customer, to save their cost.Cooper rate with our contractor for Bending and Forming.

Surface treatment

Equipped with one power coating line and anodizing line, we can handle product with brush, anodizing, power coating, shot blasting and Electroplating

Aluminum Laser cut
Aluminium extrusion CNC machining

CNC Machining

We have Equipped high precision 4Axis and 5 Axis CNC machine; with our experienced technician, we can produce high quality and precision products. also can run Milling, tuning, Threading and welding.

Heat treatment

We have our own heat treatment device, can run T5 and T6 heat treatment by ourselves.

Aluminum Laser cut


As aluminum fabricator in china, we have fluent experience on aluminium extrusion and profile industry. familiar with aluminum machining, surface finishing, and heat treatment. please contact us if you have similar project need to develop.